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I love the Backyard!  The ladies are so sweet and helpful.  If any of you have kittens and want a good litter, go there because they have some that is made of crushed corn husks and other natural staff that works very well especially since I have a breathing problem!  I’m so glad my mom led me to the backyard- Jodye Wood Baker


Great! High quality products.

- Keith Turner-Graham

Everybody loves to look their best and your furry friends are no different! Keep your pet's coat lush and healthy with the great range of dog shampoos and conditioners available at The Backyard Pet Boutique & Nutrition Center in Rome, GA. Our all natural products are gentle on your animal's skin and eyes and will assist in getting rid of fleas, mites, tangles and that doggy smell! Your dog will be fluffy, feel fantastic and be free of all dirt in no time. If you're not sure what type of shampoo and conditioner would best for your dog, just ask our friendly staff. We'll be able to advise you on the right brand for your pet.  

Your pooch will love our shampoos!

- Tropiclean

- Angel Eyes

- Cloud Star Shampoos and Spritz

- Zymox Chronic Ear and Skin

- Isle of Dogs (breed of dog specific)

- And many more!


Choosing the right shampoo

If you have a dog, at some point they will need a bath! Choosing the right products is vital for the health of your animal. The Back Yard Pet Boutique carries some of the best shampoos and conditioners for dogs currently on the market. Ask our staff for advice on what would be most suitable for your pooch.

We carry the following products: