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Excellent place for dog owners to go! They are so friendly and really care about the pets needs and wants. I took Robin there today and she might have been a little scared at first but she started to warm up to everything. She absolutely loves everything i got her from there and we will definitely be going back. I would recommend them to anyone! - Krista Sheree Gay


Scully Loves her new dress and treats! - Susan Alred

Dogs, much like people, can be lacking in certain essential nutrients even when they eat a good diet. Pet vitamins can help fight disease, encourage healthy growth and help your pet live a long and active life. The Backyard Pet Boutique & Nutrition Center offers high quality NuVet products to keep your dog in the best health possible. These products are an ideal supplement to your pet's diet at all stages of their life. NuVet products are all natural, FDA approved and formulated by scientists and veterinarians using pure and potent ingredients. Visit our store in Rome, GA and chat with our friendly staff about how your dog can benefit from NuVet.

Keep your dog in the best of health

- Boosts the immune system

- Strengthens the cardiovascular system

- Fortifies bone structure

- Promotes a healthy nervous system

- Supports healthy glands and organs

NuVet Plus or Hip and Joint Supplement

NuVet Plus provides essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, and antioxidants in a tasty chicken liver flavored pill that your pet will love. NuVet hip and joint supplement protects, strengthens and heals joints and cartilage to reduce pain and increase mobility in dogs of all ages.

Give your puppy a good start with NuVet Plus